February 1999

Wow !! 12 hours since getting back in the air and we are off to Baja. Boy, am I excited and how proud I am to be squawking through San Francisco Class B airspace.  

These are my companions, April and John. I overheard April ask John recently, "Just how far have you flown this airplane?". John said, "Well, Schellville, Petaluma and even over the Bay". April said, "How high have you flown it?" and John said "High enough". Still, I knew I was ready for ADVENTURE.   We flew to San Diego on the first day which was smooth flying all the way. On day two, we headed East to Clexico and then down the Gulf of Cortez to a wonderful fly-in resort called Punta San Francisquito. This, of course was after clearing customs in San Felipi.  
  The colors of the water were spectacular. The landscape, formed by ancient volcanoes was desert like and for the most part deserted. On the right is a picture of what I was expected to land on. Actually, I quite enjoyed the dirt strips and even liked the Mexican gas.