We parked 44 Charlie at LaPaz International, so I'll have to continue the story.

On the left was what we had envisioned our accommodations would be .. on the right is what they were. We camped on the beach in La Ventana which stands for "big wind". This is one of the premier wind surfing spots and is a truly beautiful place.  
The deal we made with Jim and Barb was we would fly over the beach (with the aid of Jim's GPS co-ordinates) and they would wave when they saw us. Well, 1300 miles over some pretty desolate landscape gives one cause to wonder just how well that technique would work.

Good faith prevailed and Jim and Barb not only saw us and waved, but then proceeded by truck to LaPaz to pick us up.  
The other large activity in Baja is fishing. We named this one dinner. The really big fish which you catch with a hook that looks like a boat anchor, don't arrive until March / April.

We did see numerous whales on our return which was pretty exciting.
Here we are at the local gold mine. We look pretty pleased with ourselves, with plenty of water and daylight prior to getting lost on the way back Now, how are you supposed to get water out of a cactus?

The sunrise on the beach is breathtaking. Days are planned by the rising sun, the wind and occasional fly in guests.

Truly a delightful place to be.