One day they moved me to a big hangar. I was very happy. But, before telling you about that, I should digress and tell you about the women that came with Andrew and John occasionally. I overheard one of them say "I couldn't think of anything nice to say" .. and the other said "do you think the mice smell will ever go away". My feelings were hurt, but I tried very hard not to show it.
What I liked about the big hanger was all the planes. And like me, they had a lot of their dress clothes off and were undergoing some of the same stuff I was being subjected to.  One man spent several days poking and prying into every part of me. He seemed very thoughtful and I didn't mind the inspection, but his squawk list made me feel I would never get in the air again. John and Andrew assured me that these were just minor details and we would be flying soon.
  But then John said he had to go away again and would see me as soon as he got back. Then he would say, he had to go away and he would see me as soon as he got back. I was getting the message that this might take awhile.