Then someone said something about papers. "Paper", I said, "I don't need no stinking paper". But that Dave guy said maybe it would be better if we got it all together. Andrew said he would take care of it and we were all really impressed at the shiny new books listing my history and all the new stuff I had and all the stuff my uncle had requested be done on my behalf.  
Then came a kind of strange time in my life. It seemed like I was ready, but every time we taxied out to the runway all I got to do was race down about half way and then had to stop suddenly. This wasn't too easy because my mechanics were having more than a little bit of trouble getting all the air out of my brakes. "Amateurs"   One day there was a lot of flurry and excitement and we all stood around waiting for some guy called Bill. I'd about had it with all these strangers kicking my tires, but he seemed able to recognize how fit I was looking and made several nice comments about how I was looking. I was pleased.
  Well, Andrew and Bill got in and again we headed for the runway. I wasn't expecting much, but wondered why all the people were standing on the side of the runway with cameras. Truthfully I was slightly tired of all the cameras by this time. Well, I was ready and this time they didn't step on the brakes. I took off and climbed as hard as I could .. it felt great.