1966 Comanche PA24-260B FOR SALE


You can spend a half a million dollars and get a plane that cruises a few knots faster but you will find the Comanche's performance, load carring capacity and overall to be very comparable in all aspects.
Here we're flying over the Great Salt Lake on the way to Oshkosh.
Why am I selling this airplane?

I've flown it across the country 3 times now and it's a very fine traveling machine. Unfortunatley, I've been bitten by the formation flying bug which requires a very different airplane.
What are it's performance characteristics?

I flight plan for 150k true and 13gph burn. Typically it does a little better than that. My experiences crossing the U.S. is it cruises about 155k on 12.2 gph. Crossing the Sierra and the Rockies I typically stay pretty high, in the high teens using a protable O2 system. East of the Rockies 7 to 9 is more comfortable.
Is the airplane IFR capable.

Although it doesn't have much of the fancy new glass panel equipment, it is a very capable IFR platform. The STEC 50 has a lot to do with this. I typically won't go if my destination is forcast to be anywhere near minimums, but often launch through the clouds. I also stay well clear of thunderstorms and icing conditions. The aircraft carries 86 gal fuel which pencils out to almost 7 hours which is typically a few more hours than most of us want to spend. Again, the STEC 50 does a marvelous job of reducing pilot workload so longer legs are not only possible, but time savers as well not having to land and refuel.
Note : I have gathered information and pricing on (3) different scenarios for an IFR approved GPS which I will be happy to share.
Does the aircraft have any damage histroy?

No, nothing more than a few bumps and bruises. It's never been landed without the assistance of wheels and never been involved in either an incident or accident.
Have all the AD's and SB's been complied with?

Yes to all AD's and SB's. Complete documentation.
So, fly high, fly far in this lovely Comanche.

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